Vogue Eyewear – social channel communication

Vogue Eyewear

Creativity for social media pages

Challenge: Vogue Eyewear wanted to engage and enlarge its fanbase using creative design on social media pages.
Solution: I design different assets  and creativities to communicate brand value.  #Vogueeyewer hashtag communication, style miles contest design, social media cover pages.

Client/Year: Vogue Eyewear for Luxottica group/from 2012 to 2015
What I did: Concept,Art Direction, graphic design


Series of post to spread on FB and Instagram pages to invite fans to take part of Syle Miles contest and collect miles

Series of posts to invite Vogue’s eyewear fanbase to use #vogueeyewear/#stylemiles hashtag for special sharing posts.

“Fan of the week” template and a special template to celebrate Stylemiles contest winners of last year


Eva Mendez

She's in Vogue Covers examples

Eva Mendez has been the official Vogue Eyewear testimonial. I turned  her campaigns into creative artworks for different social media pages (covers, posts, images).

Art Direction
Web design
Social media

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