Ray-Ban Never hide noise cover

Ray-Ban Never Hide Noise Compilations

Design of the EP mixtape covers

Challenge: Ray-Ban (one of the best Luxottica brand) created Never hide Noise as a parallel project to engage the large fanbase and to communicate values of the brand (rock/indie music oriented and definitely unconventional). They created some EP mixtape albums, free download on Ray-Ban global website.
The solution: I created all covers turning every Mixtape mood into a visual artwork and thinking of Ray-Ban institutional claim “Never Hide”. Sunglasses needed to be present but I was free to decide the model and the way to show it. Every projects has been shared on Ray-Ban’s official social media pages

Client/Year:Luxottica/from 2012- to 2014
What I did:  Art Direction, graphic design


  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
Art Direction
Graphic design
Web design
Social media

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