Ray Ban – #Order of never hide

#Order of never hide- Ray Ban

Ray Ban's no secret society - social media design

Challenge: On 2014 Ray-Ban created “The Order of Never Hide”, a non-secret secret society of nudists, lieutenant pillow fighters, doers and makers. This society got an on online platform to host and enable all of its greatness.
I was responsible, every month, for an year, to turn communication of “The Order” into a creative social media design. That included social pages covers, creative posts, artwork covers for every special material sunglasses they came out with. 

Client/Year: Ray-Ban for Luxottica/2012-2015
What I did: Art Direction, graphic design



The order of Never Hide

Materials overview


Never Hide noise compilation

Rugged as denim

Never hide noise is an EP compilation of free selected songs linked to Denim mood. Users can download compilation directly from Ray-Ban official website.



Rugged as denim communication

Two examples of social media communication on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A series of posts to tease Denim material before launch of specific sunglasses and to introduce the “order of never hide social community contest”. 



Art Direction
Web design
Graphic design

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