Maserati Gran cabrio MC website

Maserati Gran Cabrio MC

Design of the webspecial (site of the day SOTD)

Challenge: Create a web-special to tease and launch Maserati Gran Cabrio MC
in a unexpected way.
Solution: Maserati is class, Italian style and luxury. Using the parallax technique user could explore the car simply scrolling down the page. A zoom rectangle passed horizontally to enlarge every part of the screen in order to explore every mean features of the car.
Full screen images and immediate access of all the informations are the best aspects of the projects.
Agency/Year: b-play/2012
What I did: Art Direction, Graphic design, UX
Awards: Site of the day “SOTD” css site

A video simulate the navigation of the website scrolling up and down the website exploring all the features of the car.

Art direction
Web design
UX experience
Graphic design

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