Maserati Ghibli app

Maserati Ghibli

Augmented reality app for the Geneve car show exhibition on 2013

Challenge: Maserati wanted to use digital technology to engage audience at the Car exhibition in Geneve on 2013.
Solution: Interactive car exploration on the premises, using augmented reality on mobile devices and an on-site interactive Totem to enjoy the same experience. User could use this application simply discovering hot-spot on the real car and using AR code from his device to get access to the contents and enjoy Ghibli experience

Agency/Year: b-play/2013
What I did: Concept,Art Direction, graphic design of the app and video contents. 

01- Filming the car with a device and find an hot spot (AR CODE)
placed on the car.

02- Once the image of the area to explore appears user could tap on the sensible area (car engine in this case) and finally get access to the contents.

03- Another example of the kind of content to explore (interiors)

04- One of the special content: a video of the
car with tracked infographics for specific technical informations.
Check the video down here

Art Direction
Mobile app
Augmented Reality
UX experience

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