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Kinder Bueno Ferrero

Design of the platform, on line game and photo tool of the famous Italian snack

ChallengeKinder Bueno has developed an international campaign with a common communication declined on tv, press, billboard, radio and web. The goal was to create a supporting digital activation touching the Website as a main digital touch point. The website included several different sections. I worked on the Kinder Bueno games and on the photo tool
Development: The kinder Bueno games were connected with the TV multi subject commercials and. The photo tool involved the user making him the protagonist of his own press campaign.
Agency/Year: Bitmama/2014

What I did: Art Direction, Graphic design, UX of the Bueno Games and photo tool

Game n#1: the office
The first commercial is set in an office and the purpose of game, connected to the commercial, was to stole the last Kinder Bueno to your colleagues and be the first to arrive at the vending machine.

Game n#2: the supermarket shelf
The second commercial is set in an supermarket and the purpose of game was to stole the last Kinder Bueno to the old lady from the shelf of the supermarket. 

Game n#3: The house
The third commercial is set in a house. The protagonist is a kid who wants to steal the last Kinder Bueno to his father. He invents an excuse to distract him and succeeds in its intent.

Game n#4: The train station
The fourth commercial is set in a train station. The protagonist is a girl. The last Bueno is in the shelf inside the bar of the station. The aim of the game is to help the girl with luggages and be in time to take the last Bueno instead of her. 

Il lato bueno

Kinder bueno tool

“Lato Bueno” is a simple and engaging tool. It offers the opportunity, from the user side, to became the next “protagonist of the press campaign” simply uploading his pictures instead of the real testimonial. Simple assets and simple use of UX experience. 

Art Direction
Web design
Graphic design
UX experience

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