Intesa San Paolo – payment consultancy

Intesa San Paolo Payment Consultancy

consultancy management web application

Challenge: Intesa San Paolo engeneers created a complex process that helps bank managers to simply get access and manage every kind of clients investisment using a unique and tailored digital platform. Simplify the process into a concrete UX/UI design was the aim of project
Solution: Creation of a simple unique and responsive platform, using charts icons, and buttons, keeping consistency with the home banking UI language. 
Company,Year: Replay,2015-16
What I did: Leading digital design, UI, Data Visualisation

The most important asset of the whole platform is the speedometer chart. A generic data visualisation of the client investment scenario. In order to be visualised during the scroll down of the page, a slim version it has been created. (sticky on top page).

UI design
Art Direction
Responsive app

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