Eu careers – Portal Design

Eu Careers - Portal redesign

Entire redesign of the European Selection Office Portal

Challenge: The client had a very complex ecosystem of portals to drive all the EU careers applicants  through the candidate process. 

- Redesign of a new fresh logo/Corporate ID to better define the EU careers scenario.
– Merging the three portals into a big, unique and simpler portal
– Studying a better user journey for the users drastically reducing the stress

Company/Year: Everis for European Commision/2016
What I accomplished: Rebranding and strategic positioning of the EU careers logo, Design strategy of the entire portal for candidates, Workshop and research to define the best personas and scenario for the portal

One of the other big challenge was, indeed, to create a new user experience for all the candidates they decided to start a new job application into the portal but at the same time allow the old users to keep the previous data and continue the previous applications. This screenshot shows the login process where the user can decide whether to use the previous portal and recover their data or starting from zero.




To help the user to navigate the new portal for the first time I have created several different notification systems and a proper tutorial infographic in the beginning on the landing page.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!